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VIP会员专享一套电影大师级别的教程由Learn Squared 推出,从概念创意,设计理论,字体的设计,画面三维元素的制作,PS中元素的合成都详细介绍了


1. Analyzing Titles
(3 hrs, 47 min)
What exactly is the function of a title sequence? To get things started, Ash will walk you through various examples and dissect what works and what doesn’t in title sequences. Study how the Greats are able to capture a unique glimpse of the story in a short amount of time.
2. Typography
(4 hrs, 22 min)
Choosing a relevant typeface may seem like a simple task, but it can make or break a project entirely. Ash will show you how much thought should go into a decision like this, and begin laying out quick frames with type placement in mind. From here, you will learn to craft a moving story to match the progress made during the previous lesson.
3. A Controlled Experiment
(6 hrs, 27 min)
Let’s dive head-first into a controlled title design experiment. Using a small, predetermined set of reference images, Ash will challenge himself and his students to create a mock sequence based off of a sample logline and film title.
4. Graphic Design Basics
(4 hrs, 15 min)
Learn to approach projects which only required graphic design to achieve their creative goal. Using the principles taught in previous lessons, Ash will be creating 4-8 brand new styleframes using only design. You will explore how he creates thumbnails, pulls and organizes references, and utilizes mind maps.
5. Finishing Graphic Design
(7 hrs, 32 min)
Building upon the contents of the previous lesson, Ash will further explain his philosophies and techniques behind creating a title sequence based in graphic design. You will revisit the world of typography, building out final composites in Photoshop, and learning to take a step back to reflect on our work.
6. Using 3D Software
(8 hrs, 22 min)
Sometimes you don’t always have the time or resources for a large photoshoot. In these situations, realistic 3D can be a wonderful substitution to use in title design. In this lesson, Ash will explore how he uses Cinema 4D, Octane, and Marvelous Designer – and more importantly why he uses them in these situations.
7. Compositing 3D Renders
(3 hrs, 51 min)
Building upon the knowledge from the prior lesson, we’ll continue exploring the complex world of 3D software. Ash will show his process for integrating his 3D renders into Photoshop, to further accomplish the goals of his mind map and theme. Here, you will learn to create detailed production-ready frames using all of the 2D and 3D techniques discussed prior.
8. Brains over Brawn
(4 hrs, 15 min)
You should always strive to be a part of your client’s brain, and not strictly their hands. To wrap things up, Ash will recap his best practices for managing artist/client relationships. Learn how and why you should carefully present your work to preserve the quality within.


格 式:MP4
所用软件:CINEMA 4D ,Adobe Illustrator,Adobe Photoshop
分 辨 率:高清1920×1080
集 数:8章节共98集
大 小:压缩包5.4G


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