Houdini三维模型UVW贴图映射教程+英文字幕Lynda – Mastering UVW Mapping in Houdini 16.5

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了解如何使用UVW贴图在Houdini中的3D对象上应用和细化纹理。 在本课程中,Joel Bradley将向您介绍Houdini 16中提供的UV工具,并分享可能证明有用的特定情况。 Joel首先解释了UV映射的作用,为什么需要它用于网格,以及如何设置,测试和改变UV。 然后,他转向更高级的主题,例如UV投影,纹理和毛皮贴图。 他还展示了如何对选择进行分组并为复杂的对象映射创建接缝,以及如何将特定的UV簇缝合在一起以实现更好的接缝管理。 最后,Joel介绍了功能强大的游戏开发工具集,在使用Houdini及其UV制图工具包时,您可以将其用于游戏以外的其他功能。


Learn how to apply and refine textures on 3D objects in Houdini with UVW mapping. In this course, Joel Bradley walks you through the UV tools available in Houdini 16. 5 and shares specific situations where they may prove useful. Joel begins by explaining what UV mapping does, why you need it for your meshes, and how to set up, test, and alter UVs. He then moves on to more advanced topics, such as UV projection, texturing, and pelt mapping. He also shows how to group selections and create seams for complex object mapping, and how to sew specific UV clusters together for better seam management. Finally, Joel provides a look into the powerful Game Development Toolset that you can use for much more than games when working with Houdini and its UV mapping tool kit.

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