PBR游戏3D模型捆绑包 2023年1月2日


Pbr Game 3d Models Bundle 2 January 2023

PBR游戏3D模型捆绑包 2023年1月2日

136组,大小:压缩包4.19 GB,带材质贴图和预览图

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10mm AUTO SMG – Game Ready
3D body scan of Katka
3D Scan Woman Doctor 003
a disheveled fat old man in a chemistry coat
Abandoned Collapsed Building
AH-64A Apache Helicopter
Air compressore
Air Conditioner
Airbus A320 NEO
Ancient temple
Antminer S9
ArtStation – Barbatos
ArtStation – Man Realistic Sculpt
Athletic woman in tracksuit in A-pose 380
Attractive woman in dress using smartphone 381
Ballerina 0116
BDSM Leather Hips Belt Bondage Portupeya
Beach Woman Bikini Standing Yearn Couple
Beach Woman Dream Standing Drinking Martini
Beach Woman Volleyball Sporst Dream Playing
Beautiful woman in a leather skirt sitting 224
Beautiful woman stretching leg 300
Beauty Sports Woman Running Jogging Leggins
Blue Pickup Truck
Bunny Robber
Business Woman Standing Mirage Handing Report
Carhartt Bucket Hat
Complete set of wheels for Zil-130 truck
Cyberpunk Replicant Girl
Cyberpunk Space-Helmet
Deer Family
Destroyed house
Dunne Dousing Engine 3r
DX5 Mobility Rifle
Dystopian Fantasy Girl
Eiffel Tower Phone 1892
Elegant Walking Woman Beauty Dress
F1 2022 Next Gen
Fancy motorcycle low-poly
FF7 Tifa Skirt
Flame Thrower
Focusrite itrack solo
Forgotten phone
G2 Combat Pistol
G2 Cyborg Characters
Gift Box
Glock 19 Semi Automatic Pistol
HAD1-T Helineo Uber
Hero Revolver Gun
Honda CG125 Motorcycle
Hong Kong Kowloon Walled City Shop
Jeep Compass
Kat Girl
Kelly 1944
Leather Backpack
lighter prop
Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk
Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II
M1911 – Pistol
Man and Woman base shapes figures
MedBot – Game Ready
Medieval Fantasy Knight
Men Swimwear
Mercedes-Benz Brabus 800 XLP
Mercedes-Benz W31 Type G4 1939
Mia - Game ready character
Microgravity Science Glovebox
Modular AR15
Motorcycle MGC 350cc 1930
Naruto Jacket
Nike Air Jordan
Ninja Jacket
Nissan Diesel
North American X-15 – Hypersonic Rocket-Powered Aircraft
Northrop Grumman X-47B Drone
Old Antique Standing Globe
Old bookcase
Old Cannon Mortar
Old Coupe
Old Electric Stove
Old japanese garage entrance scan
Old Wagon (Revisit)
Oreo Cookie
Pachyrhinosaurus lakustai
Panerai WATCH
Paris Class Heavy Frigate
Pavement floor tiles pile
Pennywise,The Dancing Clown (1990 Version)
Peregrine falcon
Peterbilt 367 Heavy Haul
Petrol Tanker
Peugeot 205 GTI 1.9
Philip II of Spain Tournament Helmet
Philippi Ancient Greek Theater
Photoscanned Patch of Ground
Photoscanned rock low poly
Pile of construction waste
Pilot Helmet HGU-55
Pine wood stone
Ping Pong table
Pink Minigun
Playstation 5 – Sony PS5
PNV-57A Soviet Night Vision Crew Hat Tank Helmet
Pocket Show neon sign
Police Special Force Officer
Porsche 930 Turbo
Porsche Taycan
Portable Digital Radio
Portal gun (Destroyed Aperture)
Portrait bust sculpt
Post-Apocalyptic Kriss Vector
Potify – Cassette Player
Power Drill
Powersuit Mecha
Pregnant Woman
Presley Character
Pretty girl in denim in A-pose 191
Pretty young woman in A-pose 279
Pretty young woman in denim shorts in A-pose 160
Primrose Egypt
Princess Leia Outfit
Procedural Hard Surface Modeling
project 54
Prostock Engine NHRA Championship Drag Racing
Prototype v2
Protruding white rock 1
PS5 DualSense Controller
Puma Thunder Spectra White