3DS MAX插件合集破解版SiNi插件SiNi Plugins v1.23.0 Win x64

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3DS MAX插件合集破解版SiNi插件SiNi Plugins v1.23.0 Win x64

SiNi Software是Autodesk®3dsMax®插件的开发人员,可以最大限度地减少您繁琐乏味的时间,让您专注于您喜欢的创意工作。我们的插件产品可分为两组,Utility插件和Object插件。

这些插件允许您优化和修复3D模型,自动化设置HDRI照明,重新链接项目,资产管理库,MAXScript加载器,SiNiScript,样条曲线工具等等。即将发布的最新工具是Preflight,一个在导出到Unreal Studio之前运行的3D模型清单,以及AMI,我们的资产管理界面,它将从托管数据库中归档和加载资产。

插件合集包括IgNite/SiClone/ProxSi/Disperse/ForenSicScatter等,仅支持3DS MAX 2020


  • 一个有助于提高生产力和工作流程的插件。目前有超过140个内置工具,插件,HDRI库,Maxscript等。
  • IgNite is our flagship product designed as a complete productivity springboard, central to an artists workflow. At present we have built-in over 140 tools, bespoke plugins, HDRI library, Maxscript loader and function publishing.


  • 可以使用简单的参数建模工具,产生复杂的建模,同时进行多边形优化
  • SiClone grew from a basic array toolset into a powerful, yet simple to use parametric modelling tool, capable of producing repetitive and complex modelling tasks, while keeping at its core, poly optimisation, meaning a model will auto-optimise depending on poly complexity settings.

ProxSi :

  • ProxSi支持市面上的大部分徐娜燃气。它允许双向编辑,这意味着您可以随时将其转换回可以编辑多边形,进行更改,并将其转换回ProxSi,同时保持场景的完整性。
  • ProxSi is truly universal and supported by all leading renderers. It allows for round-trip editing, meaning you can convert back to edit mesh, make changes, and convert back into ProxSi as often as you need, while keeping all references and instances intact.


  • Disperse一个三维Painting工具,就行2D绘画一样制作三维场景
  • Disperse is a freehand 3d painting tool and object replacer that will free up your artistic creativity to allow you to paint complex scenes as easy as digitally painting in a 2D software program.


  • Forensic可以对任何场景相关问题可能导致生产和渲染问题进一步恶化之前修复它们
  • Forensic investigation of 3d scenes is essential if you wish to fix any scene related issues before they potentially cause production and rendering issues further down the line, costing you both time and money to resolve.


  • Scatter 可以在不弹出文件的情况下为分布式对象提供清晰的动画效果
  • Scatter has been designed to make complex scenes with as little work as possible! We wanted a scatter tool that allows for clean animation of distributed objects without regen-popping as well as the ability to intuitively refine the scene by adding paint and erase features similar to our 3d paint tool, Disperse

SiNi Software 1.23 3ds Max 2020 - 2022


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